Michael Farmer, CFP®, CRPC®, CFS

What you do today determines your direction, your prosperity and your future.

When you retain Mike Farmer and his team at Integrated Financial Partners, Inc., (IFP), you benefit from financial planning and personal service. By taking the time to fully understand you and your needs they can provide you with the information, advice and creative strategies which you will need to make the best possible decisions about your financial future.

  • They can provide solutions and ideas, but each client makes the final decisions about their own financial future.
  • Each financial plan is systematically reviewed to ensure it remains consistent with long-term goals and objectives and that it is aligned with our changing world.
  • Each client receives confidential, highly customized, personal service.

Some needs may be addressed with financial products. Objectivity is the key to their process. The open architecture platform gives access to an entire universe of options. So if you'd like to create, preserve and manage your wealth, the partners of choice are clear: Mike Farmer and his team at Integrated Financial Partners.